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Reiki Level One

In the First Level you will learn how to:


  • apply Reiki to yourself and to make the Self-Treatment your daily practice for personal growth and for your bodily, mental and spiritual wellbeing;

  • apply Reiki to others following the Foundation Treatment;

  • sense and evaluate the flow of Reiki in your own hands;

  • sense and evaluate the energy of the receiver and to locate areas of low vitality;

  • recognise the connection between our mental attitude, the body and our state of health.

This is a two-day course, from 10 o'clock in the morning until six o'clock in the evening, with an hour for lunch.

The First Level contains the essence of this easy and simple way to transmit energy. Usui Mikao, the founder of Reiki, made it in such a way that all you would need was a single course to be able to treat yourself, take care of others and to hold on to this ability for the rest of your life.

Reiki differs from other styles of energy work in that students have to be prepared for the flow of energy through a series of specific attunements. The first attunement opens the student up to the energy; the second and the third attunements gradually increase the flow and reinforce the student's ability to channel Reiki. The last attunement brings the student up to full capacity and seals the Reiki into his or her hands for good.

Henceforth, Reiki will always be readily available. The energy will flow through the hands and penetrate deep into the cells of whomever receives it. The body will then use the Reiki to normalise physiological activity to return to a state of balance between the body, mind and Spirit. The energy flows in only one direction: you cannot absorb the other person's energy or illness.

Over the course of the two days, or four afternoons you will learn, practise and listen to the oral tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho, or "The Usui System of Natural Healing".


Registration: €200

Reiki Level Two

Before moving on to the Second Level there are three points to take into consideration:

  1. You need to leave at least ninety days from the last Reiki 1 attunement before doing this course, but realistically, it is best to wait six months. In this waiting period it is important to try to complete the Ninety Day Commitment, during which you do a self-treatment of at least half an hour, everyday, for ninety days.

  2. Enrolling for the Second Level means that you are committed to the loving service of others for their highest good using the tools presented here, and that you wish more deeply to explore the experience you have garnered following Reiki 1.

  3. The tools, information and energetic development set out in the Second Level are based on what you learnt in Level One. In order for you to progress to the Second Level, you must already be comfortable with the teachings from Reiki One, but above all, you must already have received the four attunements.

 In Reiki Two you will receive two further attunements and you will learn how to use three techniques:

  • the first technique increases the flow of Reiki and your ability to channel the energy during a treatment;

  • with the second technique we learn how to use Reiki to solve problems of a mental or emotional nature, and how to free ourselves from mental habits,

  • and with the third technique, we learn to help someone who is not physically present with the Distance Treatment.

A lot of time is dedicated to practising the newly attained knowledge both alone and with a partner.

Nota bene: At the end of the course you will be asked to send a distance treatment to someone for thirty days. This is an essential component of the course, and it is the arena which you will develop your own personal relationship with Reiki. It will be a month full of lessons for you and untold benefits for the person who receives your treatments, on condition you can maintain the commitment for thirty days.

Registration: €500

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