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Reiki Treatments

The Complete Reiki Treatment - 2 hours

The session starts with a brief conversation in which you can express your intentions and explain what you are hoping from the treatment. When you lie down on the table, I will perform a simple assessment of your energy and then I will start the treatment. Usually, I follow the sequence of the Foundation Treatment. How much time I spend on a specific position depends on the flow of energy: if it is strong, I spend more time there. You are free to talk, but sooner or later you will want to give in to the relaxation brought on by the Reiki. At the end of the treatment we can exchange impressions of what happened during the treatment, but it is best to avoid deep analyses or hasty conclusions because the job is not over yet. The Reiki will carry on having its effect on you for several hours after the treatment is over.


Reiki is very relaxing. It is in this state of deep relaxation that we heal ourselves: the physical body is regenerated, the energetic body is rebalanced, and the spirit finds forgiveness and is set free from the memories of the past. When you step down from the bed you will feel lighter, more relaxed and more positive.


The two-hour session is the standard treatment in Reiki. It is perfect for anyone trying Reiki for the first time, and it is the preferred treatment of most people who have Reiki regularly to support their personal wellbeing. Indeed, the Four-Day Intensive is made up of a Complete Treatment everyday for four days.

The Distance Treatment

The Distance Treatment has exactly the same effect as an in-person treatment. The only thing you will miss is feeling the warmth of my hands. All Reiki treatments can be done long-distance, including the Four-Day Intensive.


When it is time for the appointment, I will call you either on the telephone or with video, the choice is yours. We will talk for a bit in order to understand what your objectives for the treatment are. Then you will make yourself comfortable which could mean lying on a bed, on the sofa or sitting in an armchair. We can stay connected, but if you prefer, we can hang up. At this point, I will start the treatment which will follow the same procedure as the in-person treatment. Once finished, I will call you and wake you up, we will chat for a couple of minutes before bringing the session to a close.

The Distance Treatment is very useful when:

  • you are going on holiday and you do not want to skip your regular treatments;

  • your circumstances do not allow you to come to the studio, such as during lockdowns, times of sickness or if you are in prison;

  • if you prefer to keep interpersonal interaction to a minimum.

The Hands-free Treatment: If you come to the studio, but you wish to avoid any physical contact (for example, for reasons of faith, health restrictions, et c.), it is still possible to receive all the benefits of a Reiki treatment. When it is time to apply the energy, I will use the Distance Treatment technique instead of making contact, even though you are right in front of me, thus avoiding any need for direct touch. In Reiki, sending energy one foot or one mile is all the same thing.



The Four-Day Intensive

When you commit to receiving Reiki for four consecutive days, the effect is a much deeper and stronger than when you have four treatments spread out over time. No one knows why, it just is. The Four-Day Intensive is strong enough to help you overcome any problem that you might have to confront, and yet its effect is always gentle and positive, like a supporting presence.


The Four-Day Intensive is recommended when:


  • you want seriously to experience the real power of Reiki, which could be, for example, at the beginning of a targeted course of treatment. The four sessions open you up to the energy and help you assimilate it. After the Four-Day Intensive, all the treatments you have spread out over time will be more effective because your body will “recognise” when Reiki is present;


  • you want to address either a difficult problem or a specific issue. Often, the Four-Day Intensive can help you turn a corner, come to terms with something, or have insights that make you see the situation you are in with new eyes. In cases like this, the Four-Day Intensive is actually the beginning of your process, and follow-up sessions will help level out the road ahead.

Here I offer the Four-Day Intensive with each lasting session two hours. However, if there is urgent need, it is easy to arrange longer sessions by contacting Simon directly using the form on the Contacts page. (See below)

The Deep Treatment - 3 hours

With more time available, more attention can be dedicated to recharge those areas that are low on energy and vitality. Again, thanks to the extra hour, Reiki has more of a chance to reach the deeper layers of our being where the roots of our malaise and suffering are usually found. This is the treatment to choose if you want to take decisive action to support your wellbeing or if you want to search even deeper for insights or answers.

Extended Treatments

In Reiki, the more time you spend receiving Reiki, the more powerful its effect. Ideally, when I put my hands on the first position of the treatment, I am supposed to keep them there until I feel that the energy has stopped flowing. Only then should I go on to the next position. Again, only when I feel that the flow has gone from the second position do I move on to the third, and I carry on in this fashion until I have covered all nineteen positions. It goes without saying that a treatment carried out in this way can go on for several hours. In the version of the Four-Day Intensive used when there is urgent need, the treatment begins in the morning and continues until the evening or night following this pattern. Then the whole procedure is repeated everyday for the next three days. This is why it is called the Four-Day Intensive.

Extended length treatments are, in actual fact, the norm, and they are practised regularly within the Reiki community. Although it is rare to find someone willing to offer extended treatments to the general public, longer treatments are a powerful tool and a valuable aide in times of difficulty.

If you need to organise a treatment that lasts for more than three hours, send me a message using the form on the Contacts Page, and I will my best to satisfy your request.

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